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Day 1 Task: Make a List of What You Like and Dislike In Your Kitchen

I've been looking forward to taking the Kitchn Cure for some time now. You see, I need help: I'm probably the least organized and least design-focused on The Kitchn team. I've found it difficult to really invest in a kitchen (or home for that matter) when I seem to move every year in Brooklyn (New York rent prices being what they are). But no more!

Today's assignment was actually really fun: Just walk around your kitchen and say what you like and hate about it? Oh let me count the ways.

Here is my disorganized, well-loved kitchen

I live in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn with my boyfriend James. We share a small apartment, with a good-size kitchen by New York standards (or at least I think so). I'm determined to make my kitchen a place that makes me excited and eager to cook. I have a good amount of storage space and a dishwasher (*swoon*) which is all great, but as it stands right now my kitchen makes me more exhausted and less enthusiastic about cooking. This all boils down to organization problems.

Here are a few things I dislike about my kitchen

I love my kitchen island, but I keep too much stuff on it. This stuff needs to go somewhere else or at least be consolidated.

I need to find a better organization system for my pots and pans. Right now they are stored below my kitchen island in a less than ideal fashion.

My silverware drawer is just not working out. Too much clutter.

I have a serious Mason jar and empty jam jar hoarding issue. It's time to consolidate and clean.

Needless to say, I'm excited to start on the fridge and freezer this week! Both of these things aren't on my NEED to get done list, but it's a great place to start.

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