Handmade Elephant Pasta and a Manual Pasta Extruder

Handmade Elephant Pasta and a Manual Pasta Extruder

Faith Durand
Sep 10, 2010
Elephant-shaped pasta! Plus a really fun pasta machine, and honest-to-goodness Italian cannoli.
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Handmade Elephant Pasta - Reader LiMei over at LimeCake sent us a link to this adorable elephant-shaped pasta she made by hand! She's made elephant pancakes too.

Monoblock and Modular Kitchens - From Italian manufacturer Inoxpiù, at Appliancist.

Marcato Pasta Extruder - At Williams-Sonoma. One of our readers pointed this out yesterday -- it looks like even more fun than the KitchenAid attachment!

One Cannolo Two Cannoli - At Food Lover's Odyssey.

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