Coffee Company Donates All Proceeds in May

Coffee Company Donates All Proceeds in May

Faith Durand
May 7, 2009

Remember Storyville, that great mail-order coffee company we recently reviewed? They are giving away all of their proceeds in May, a very different way of dealing with a recession! Find out all about it below, plus coffee camping gear reviewed at the Times, and a quick dinner for weeknights.

Today's Delicious Links

Storyville Gives It All Away in May - The company is donating 100% of its proceeds to International Justice Mission, a group fighting international slave trafficking.

Baked Chicken Parcels - A quick and easy meal for a weeknight supper.

Linen Horizon Napkins from Elisabeth Bentz. (via frolic!)

Gear Test, Camping Coffee Makers at the New York Times.

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