Jeni's Ice Cream Comes to Brooklyn

Jeni's Ice Cream Comes to Brooklyn

Faith Durand
May 5, 2009

You know we are all massive fans of Jeni's Ice Cream in Columbus, Ohio. I am lucky enough to have Jeni's whenever I want (well, maybe not whenever I want, because that would be every day), but now our Brooklyn friends can also try a few of Jeni's superb flavors. Plus two colorful kitchens, below...

Today's Delicious Links

An awesome green and yellow kitchen - We don't usually peruse the real estate listings, but we stumbled across this Indianapolis kitchen and just had to share.

Jeni's Ice Creams in Brooklyn at the Forager's Market. Pricey ice cream but so worth it. It is in another zone.

Gardenia Creamer and Sugar Bowl - Very pretty.

Inspiration: Kate Spade's Kitchen - Good ideas for those of you with those old-fashioned black and white tiled floors.

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