Decorate Your Party Table with This Chalkboard Runner

Decorate Your Party Table with This Chalkboard Runner

A runner made of brown paper, on which we make notes and suggestions about the menu, is a brilliant way to set the buffet table. Needless to say, we're always looking for a fresh take on that idea. And that's exactly why we've fallen for this chalkboard-like version.

(Image credit: Uncommon Goods)

The runner, which measures 18 inches wide and 72 inches long and will fit most any table or buffet, is made of plastic, but acts like a chalkboard. You can use your favorite chalk (including sidewalk chalk) on it, and when your party or dinner is over, simply wipe it clean and let it air dry before rolling it up and storing it away.

We especially like this idea for a black-and-white-themed party or a kid's birthday party, since both of those occasions call for something more fun than plain ol' brown butcher paper.

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