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What do you get when you cross the sharp tongue of Anthony Bourdain with the dreamy food musings of Ruth Reichl? Ruth Bourdain, of course! The popular Twitter mash-up personality launched an etiquette column in CHOW this week, dishing out caustic, hilarious and at times useful bits of wisdom for food-related quandaries.

In yesterday's debut column, RuBo tackled a handful of questions recently answered by New York Times columnist Florence Fabricant, though her answers are markedly different. For instance, when asked how to politely leave a restaurant after changing your mind about eating there, Flo likely did not offer this advice:

What you never want to do is plan an escape from a windowless restaurant bathroom. Unfortunately, I once spent the better part of a year in the bathroom at Per Se chipping away at the wall to tunnel my way out to quench an incredible craving for a Gray's Papaya hot dog. This is not recommended.

Read the whole column for the full Ruth Bourdain experience and submit your own question if you dare.

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