Daniel Boulud's Baked Chicken Liver

Do you eat chicken liver? And if you eat it, do you ever cook it? We confess that we have never picked up one of those cheap little packets of chicken livers; they seemed more appropriate to cat food than to culinary experimentation. And yet we know, theoretically, that chicken livers can be delicious, so this set of recipes from Daniel Boulud may inspire us to drop some chicken livers into our basket on our next shopping trip.

Boulud's description is just so mouthwatering. He says:

I wonder why many people do not fully appreciate chicken liver, which is so much a part of French, English, Italian, and Jewish cooking. It is inexpensive, readily available, and nutritious—a serving of liver gives you a good dose of iron. ...

In France, chicken liver is often served with quenelles, large gnocchi that have been stewed in a delicate tomato sauce with olives and mushrooms. A warm gâteau of chicken liver makes a perfect lunch when accompanied by toasted bread and a salad of spinach and tomatoes seasoned with a light vinaigrette.

Yum! His recipes for baked chicken liver and a simple spinach and tomato salad can be found at Elle Decor. He even gives wine recommendations.

Daniel's Dish: Smooth Move

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(Images: Antonis Achilleos for Elle Decor)

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