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Jam, jelly, and preserves can have such a diversity of flavors and interesting ingredients (what's your favorite kind?) - they are endlessly fascinating to us. Last year we did a series on some of our favorite jams, jellies, preserves, and pickles from around the blogosphere. Here they are again - just in case you missed it the first time. Sexy marmalade, hot pink cauliflower, tomato confit, and good plain applesauce below.

Daily Preserves

Sexiest bitter orange marmalade from Fanny of Foodbeam in the south of France. You can practically see the sunshine in this marmalade, made with oranges from her backyard.

Cookie Magazine's pumpkin butter - Sweet and nutritious. Good with their Flaxseed, Fig, and Walnut Crackers.

David Lebovitz's Beer Can Jam - Shallots, prunes, cacao nibs...and beer? Strangely enough, it all works.

Homemade pickles from Martha Stewart. A good basic recipe.

Oven-dried tomato confit - Savory summer in a jar. From Chez Pim.

Apple pectin jelly - Pectin to make the rest of your jams jell.

How to can 1,000 tomatoes - You'll need a few more jars.

Ann's pickled cauliflower and purple cabbage - Pink and purple!

Are you a city pickler? Pickling in the city means going to some extreme lengths. Are you one of those people lugging vinegar around in a tiny kitchen?

Applesauce - An extra sweet applesauce recipe - good for dessert.

Jalapeno jelly from Elise at Simply Recipes. We love the hot and sweet combo.

Do you have a favorite recipe for jam, jelly, pickles, or preserves?

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