Nudo Extra Virgin First Cold Press Olive Oil

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Nudo Extra Virgin First Cold Press Olive Oil

• $7.99 (250ml/8.4 fl.oz)
Nudo Italia

A lot of olive oil passes through my kitchen. There are some phenomenal small producers putting out really beautiful, delicate oils these days and many of them land in my mailbox. One recent standout is Nudo, a smart little company making a punchy, buttery extra virgin oil using the first cold press method which yields the freshest oil possible. They have great looking packaging (makes a great gift) that also cuts down on the carbon footprint because it uses a tin instead of glass. The flavor is great and the price-tag isn't the usual break-the-bank heartbreak like many high-end olive oils.

Also comes in a 500ml/16.9 fl.oz tin for $13.99.

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