Dagger and Spoonchela: Tord Boontje's Witches' Kitchen

Spork, spurk, dagger and spoonchela - here's a new set of cooking utensils from birds 'n' flowers Dutch designer Tord Boontje, perhaps best known for his romantic, emotional chandeliers and lighting. His lacy, layered style is not in evidence here, although he does draw on his fairy tale inspirations with old-fashioned conscientiousness...

This set of 6 utensils was created by for Artecnica USA, and the whole thing is carved by an artisan community in Guatemala.

Boontje's new work for Artecnica is part of the company's socially and environmentally responsible Design With Conscience collection, which employs production methods that are humane and environmentally friendly, and promotes self-sustaining communities of skilled artisans in undeveloped countries.

These come with a hefty price tag of $770.00, but we are charmed by the fairy tale styling. It's more appropriate for Halloween, perhaps, but

The set isn't up on Artecnica's website yet, but you can see the rest of their Design with Conscience collection here:

Artecnica Products

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