Cutlery to Go: Stix Eyewear

Never go hungry again - for lack of cutlery anyway. Those of us unlucky enough to need glasses can make up for it with these frames that conceal a well-placed pair of chopsticks!

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Next time you're brown-bagging it and settle down with your home-cooked noodles in the park, only to realize that you forgot your fork, remember this great little design from up and coming designer Brad Gessler, and hope that it goes into production.

From the designer:

The STIX eye wear are modern glasses that hold chopsticks for the person on go. The hollow plastic frames offer casing for the stainless steel tipped utensils. They can be easily washed or whipped off, and the ends of the glasses are open to eliminate bacteria build up.

Wouldn't you like to carry your chopsticks with you everywhere you went? (via typefiend)

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(Images: Designer Brad Gessel)

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