Cure-Takers! Show Us One Improvement In Your Kitchen

The Fall 2009 Kitchen Cure

Hello, Cure-takers! Have you finished out strong in this fall's Kitchen Cure? We bet that your kitchen is spick and span, and all ready for the holidays. We closed out the Kitchen Cure last week with a note of encouragement, but we're not quite finished with you yet. Did the Cure help your kitchen in big or small ways? Do you have a more organized cupboard, like turtalia's up there? Or did you make a big change, like this chalkboard wall?

Either way, we would love to see just one photo from you with one improvement you made to your kitchen during the Kitchen Cure. Read on to submit!

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This improved kitchen is from Cure-taker sunnychef in Queens.

What about your kitchen? Did you make any big or little changes during the Cure? Pick just one and send us a photo; we'll do a roundup soon of all the reader inspiration we receive.

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2009, The Kitchn Cure

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