Curees! What Needs Special Help During the Kitchen Cure?

The Spring 2010 Kitchen Cure

Hello Kitchen Curees! How's it going? How does your fridge and pantry purge feel? I did an impromptu and much-needed clean-out of my own freezer last night, and it feels great to be able to see the back wall of the freezer again. Now, as we gear up for tomorrow's Week 2 assignment, we would love to hear directly from you on what still needs special help in your kitchen.

Maybe it's a cupboard you just can't clean out. Maybe it's the wall color of your kitchen. Maybe there's a small project that you have been hoping to work on for a long time.

What's the biggest problem spot in your kitchen? What needs to change? What needs to be Cured? Send us a photo, so we know how to help you best. We may address some of these problem areas specifically, too, during the remaining weeks of the Cure!

(Image: Flickr member liquene licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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2010, The Kitchn Cure

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