We're working hard to help you find new resources for meal planning during The Cooking Cure. But what if meal planning isn't your thing? What if that jars your sense of spontaneity? What if you don't know how you'll feel about dinner on any given night? That's MartiLouise's problem — can you help her?

Q I'm having some trouble with the Cure because of the meal planning. I never know where I might be or what I might feel like when lunch or dinnertime comes around: what if I get invited out for dinner last minute? What if my boyfriend comes home with Chinese takeout? What if I planned for making a casserole but I only feel like a salad? What's the point of planning then?

But by not planning my meals I feel like I'm missing out on one of the main aspects of the Cure. What should I do? - MartiLouise

Any ideas? Can you you relate to MartiLouise's dilemma? How do you accommodate spontaneity in your meal planning?

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