Cupcakes in Jars & Building a Better Wedding Registry

Friday Flashback

Hello, Spring! This means open season for all things asparagus, wedding mania, and...spring colds. From this time last year, we have some cold-curing advice from our mothers, ideas for building a fantastic wedding registry, a hearty bowl of shrimp and grits, and yes, cupcakes in jars. Take a peek.PICTURED ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHTWhat Was Your Mom's Cure for the Common Cold?Recipe: Quick Salmon and Couscous with Cilantro VinaigretteCupcakes in a Jar! The Latest Cupcake CrazeKitchen Tour: Jennifer and Jason's Earthy KitchenA Gadget for Your Cake Pops: Babycakes Cake Pop MakerRecipe: Apple-Yogurt Cake with a Cinnamon-Sugar Streak

Recipe: Shrimp and Grits
What the Heck is Philadelphia "Cooking Creme"?
On Doing Without Dairy
In a Hurry: 3 Defrosting Tips for Super Fast Results
Are There Any Good Uses for Apple Peels?
9 Resources for Building a Better Wedding Registry

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