Crunchy Red Swiss Chard Falafel

Crunchy Red Swiss Chard Falafel

Faith Durand
Aug 11, 2011

Every week we bring you our favorite posts from our friends at Serious Eats. On the menu this week: Cilantro pesto, raw corn salad, Sicilian breakfast brioche, and crunchy Red Swiss Chard Falafel!

Crunchy Red Swiss Chard Falafel - The chickpeas take a supporting role in this falafel, giving the spotlight to cumin and Swiss chard. Light and crunchy!

Sauced: Cilantro Pesto - Fresh, nutty, and bright green!

Amagansett Raw Corn, Tomato, And Snap Pea Salad - Raw fresh corn with tomatoes and snap peas. Perfect!

Wake and Bake: Sicilian Breakfast Brioche - Soft and sweet, with or without gelato.

Dinner Tonight: Helen Chen's Pork And Cucumber Stir Fry - Cucumbers in stir-fry? Oh yes!

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(Image: Jonathan Lovekin/Serious Eats)

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