Crunchy Caramel Popcorn, Savory Goat Cheese Scones, Cheddar Olives, Strawberry Gin Smash, Mexican Margarita & Baked Spring Risotto

New Recipes from The Kitchn

Is it 5:00 yet? Because the drinks and snacky bites from this past week are looking mighty tempting. I'm thinking those real Mexican margaritas would go mighty fine with a handful of cheddar olives. A coupe glass with that pretty Four Bitters Cocktail would also be excellent company for our radicchio salad with red quinoa and avocado. Or go full-on springtime with a strawberry gin smash and a plate of risotto studded with asparagus spears. And a bowl of caramel popcorn for dessert. Bring on cocktail hour!