Creative & Kosher Carbohydrate Ideas for Passover?

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Q: As you probably know, Passover is just around the corner, leaving quite a few Jews with no grains for the whole week of the holiday. However, some Ashkenazi Jews (originally from Europe), also refrain from eating legumes during the holiday. Now, practicing sports and needing my carbs, I've gotten used to settling for matzo and vegetables such as potatoes, as a carbohydrates source.

However, I was wondering if you have some other creative ideas which can keep me happy and also kosher. Thanks! And Happy Passover!

Sent by Sagi

Editor: Sagi, ask your rabbi about quinoa. Some say that it is kosher for Passover. If it is for you, then check out this salad from yesterday:

Passover Recipe: Sweet and Crunchy Quinoa Salad from Paula Shoyer

Readers, what else would you suggest for Sagi?


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(Image: Paula Shoyer)

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