Creative Ideas for Chocolate-Dipped Fruit?

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Q: I love making homemade chocolate-covered strawberries as gifts or for special occasions, and people generally seem to look forward to them.

But I feel like it's getting a little predictable, and I'd like to mix it up, while still giving people what they want. Any tips for other chocolate-dipped fruit or yummies?

Sent by Amy

Editor: Amy, one idea is to mix up the chocolate — not the fruit. I really like these light, sweet strawberries with white chocolate and citrus sugar:

White-Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries with Citrus Sugar at Epicurious

Other ideas include dried fruit (apricots, banana chips, big flakes of coconut).

Readers, what else would you suggest?


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(Image: Lisa Hubbard/The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen)

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