25 Delicious Things I Saw (and Sometimes Ate) at the Minnesota State Fair

I love the Minnesota State Fair. I get this kind of childlike giddiness when I think about it: the animal barns, the concerts, the people-watching, and of course the crazy yet somehow delicious fried food served on a stick. This year when I went home to fulfill my annual fair destiny, I went with a large group and we tried everything and anything that crossed our path.

An incredible 236,197 people showed up for the fair on Sunday due to the cool weather — a Sunday attendance record. Although the lines were longer than normal (I waited almost an hour for Sweet Martha's cookies), it was worth the struggle.

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Within 10 minutes of getting to the fair I had already downed an entire thing of cheese curds. Yes, some might say it's gluttonous, but then these fried bundles of joy are reason alone to visit the fair.

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Arguably the best thing I had that day was the fried green tomatoes. We scarfed these sweet/salty gems down and then ordered seconds immediately.

Did you visit your state fair this year? Eat anything crazy or incredible (ideally both)?

(Images: James Herron)

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