Crate & Barrel "Best Buys" Catalog

Crate & Barrel "Best Buys" Catalog

Crate & Barrel puts out a Best Buys catalog a few times a year and this week we actually took a long, hard look. Very impressive! There are some great items here, and at great prices.

Take, for example, their Reversible Double Griddle. At $39.95, it's the best price we've seen in town.

Here are some great 1/2, 1 and 2-gallon glass storage jars that are great for storing cereal, grains and snacks. We used the 2-gallon size for a variety of iced teas and tonics at our wedding.

There's nothing like fresh orange juice dripping from a beautifully-designer chrome juicer. Here is the Mighty OJ Juicer selling for $39.95 - we can't find it anywhere else for less.

If you're serious about baking, you need a kitchen scale. The Salter Compact Digital Scale is a great addition to your baking artillery. At $29.95, it's a great buy.

Finally, this Ten-Piece Glass Bowl Set is a classic. You'll find you use every size, from the mini 2-1/2", 1oz. to the jumbo 10", 108oz. bowl.

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