Cracker as Canvas for a Midday Snack

Around this time of day, we invariably get a hankering for something crunchy and not-too-sweet. Our old standby? A whole-wheat Wasa cracker with coarse-grain mustard, a slice of swiss, and a crunchy leaf of iceberg lettuce.

Wasas are our favorite because they come with a lot of real estate for piling on the toppings. They work well as a foundation for our standard snack, dips, or even something sweet.

Here, we've culled together photos of real-life snacks from around the web to jumpstart some layering ideas. Each includes a big, beautiful Wasa cracker with toppings that vary from sweet to spicy:

1 shaved fresh parmesan cheese and dried figs, thinly sliced
2 hummus
3 jam and Monterey Jack
4 raw almond butter
5 turkey, kalamata olive hummus, and banana peppers

6 tomatoes, basil, a drizzle of olive oil and cheddar cheese, baked in the oven
7 aged white cheddar, ground black pepper, and extra garlic dill pickles
8 hummus, arugula, kalamata olive tapenade, fresh mozzerella, lemon, salt and pepper
9 chocolate Better’n Peanut Butter, real peanut butter, and prunes
10 three choices: smoked salmon with chili mayonnaise, or liverpaste and lettuce, or yellow cheese and butter topped with red pepper

See Wasa for more topping ideas submitted by real-life snackers.

Do you have any favorite cracker toppings to recommend for a midday bite? What type of cracker do you use as your "canvas"? Please tell!

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(Images:, Goodies First, Snackface, Wellsphere, Kristen's Nibbles, The Ex-Perfectionist, Jocelyn Eats Fresh, Chelsea Peretti, Foods of April, Naylors in Norway)

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