Cozy Up to This New Italian Classic

Cozy Up to This New Italian Classic

Sep 22, 2014
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When autumn picks up, so do our cravings for meals packed with warm, cheesy comfort. Luckily, Italian cuisine delivers flavorful, wholesome, hearty meals that make it a favorite the world over. If you don't have a nonna to feed you, we found the next best thing: Bertolli's new Italian-Style Torta. This fresh twist on a classic recipe is packed with layers of Italian tradition, including premium ricotta, kettle-cooked marinara, and a flaky crust.

But wait — what's a torta, anyway?

Think of Bertolli's new Italian-Style Torta a bit like a pot pie: a buttery deep-dish crust filled with classic Italian flavor, either three-cheese marinara or Italian sausage. It's a little different from stromboli, which are turnovers traditionally made with bread dough, and calzones, which are pizza-like pockets. (Bottom line: fillings + dough = deliciousness.)

Each Bertolli torta comes in a unique tray that delivers crisp, oven-baked flavor after just minutes in the microwave. They're available in your local freezer aisle for just $2.99 a piece — perfect for hearty office lunches or last-minute dinners.

We'd pair this with a light and tart side dish, like Faith's Lemony Green Salad with Radicchio and Pepitas.

Check out all the new flavors Bertolli is cooking up!

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