(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Not that we need much encouragement to drool over anything made by Heath Ceramics, but this new line of tableware strikes me as particularly breathtaking. A collaboration with Natalie Chanin, this is what happens when you hand a fashion designer known for intricate stitchery and organic design a piece of clay.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Everything from the muted color palate to the intricate etching works for me. The "stitch" patterns add a sense of depth and texture to the plates, but I don't think they would be distracting in the presence of food.

These dishes are also different. Etching on the outside of bowls and cups, yes. Swirls of color on plates, sure. But actual texturing on the eating surface of dishes? That's new to me. And I like it.

Take a Look! Alabama Chanin Tableware from Heath Ceramics

Yes, I covet each and every piece. What do you think?

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(Images: Heath Ceramics)