Gadgetry: Corn on the Cob

Has any single vegetable given rise to more gadgets than corn on the cob? We think not. The challenges of cleaning, cooking, buttering, salting, and eating corn on the cob seem to have inspired kitchen gadget inventors for years. Here's a few corn on the cob inventions - do you own one, or maybe another not pictured here?

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Butter Boy: Take, for instance, this cute little Butter Boy, designed for one thing alone: to easily and liberally butter your corn cob. ($7.99 at Amazon)

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Barbecue Basket: This Barbecue Basket keeps your ears of corn from rolling off the grill. ($12 at Klinq)

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Corn Holders: And then there's the great world of corn on the cob picks and holders. These Zyliss Interlocking versions are nice. ($4.99 at Amazon)

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• We rather prefer these TAG ceramic versions, though, since they remind us of the kitschy yellow corn-shaped holders still somewhere in our mother's kitchen drawer. ($9.95 at Amazon)

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&bull Corn Stripper: Lots of gadgets are devoted purely to avoiding eating corn on the cob, too, like this Corn Stripper ($2.99 at The Kitchen Store). It slides down the cob to remove kernels.

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Corn Zipper: This Corn Zipper does much the same, stripping kernels off quickly and easily. ($11.95, Amazon)

Any more corn on the cob favorite gadgets? For our take on buttering corn, see Buttering Corn with Saltines.

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