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Name: Bill Location: Miami, Florida How are you staying cool? The world's simplest ice cream (and modular ceviche)

The ice cream is something I came up with when I was trying to make a Thai coconut lime ice cream, but when I opened my condensed milk found it cooked into dulce de leche. Add one can of dulce de leche to one can coconut milk thinned out with a little milk and you're ready to churn a darn tasty ice cream. Easily doctored up with variations too.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Ceviche's all over the place here in Miami but there are so many regional variations it gets pretty confusing. I've given up on staying traditional and instead come up with a simple system, breaking the dish down into its components and offering options for each that makes it easy to put together.

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Thank you Bill! This joins the frozen one-ingredient trick as the simplest sort of ice cream we know how to make.

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