Cool As A... 13 Ways to Use Cucumbers

Cool As A... 13 Ways to Use Cucumbers

Have you ever written or said the word cucumber over and over? While writing this post, we realized what a bizarre word it is. Cucumber. Kind of a bumbling mouthful for a simple little fruit. Which is appropriate, really, because there are so many things you can do with this crunchy, mellow, summery, green food.

Our favorite way to use cucumbers may be in drinks—and we've got quite a few options here. Plus some beautiful salads, easy appetizers, and one awesome popsicle with a kick of chile.

• 1. Sour Cream Cucumber Salad with Mustard Seeds
• 2. Sesame Cucumber Salad
• 3. Cooked Cucumber Noodles!
• 4. Cool Shrimp and Cucumber Crackers
• 5. Simple Appetizer Idea: Cucumber Cups

• 6. Easy Japanese Pickled Cucumber
• 7. Cucumber Sauce for Sandwiches and Vegetables
• 8. Simple Pleasure: Cucumber Water
• 9. How to Make Cucumber Juice
• 10. Summer Cocktail: The Cuke

• 11. Summer Cooler: Cucumber Punch
• 12. Cucumber Gimlets
• 13. Cucumber Ice Pops with Lime and Chile

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