Cooking Vintage: Betty Crocker 1950

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We recently received a gift from a friend who has a hobby of estate sale scavenging. On the hunt one weekend, she found this 1950 edition of the Betty Crocker cookbook, owned by just one woman for her entire adult life. This isn't just any antique cookbok - it's a unique treasure, with dozens and dozens of handwritten notes and newspaper clippings tucked between its pages.

Needless to say, we were delighted. Paging through this book, delicately, it feels like an intimate glance into another life lived out in celebrations, church potlucks, and night after night of suppers at home. The binding is held together with packing tape and the pages are yellowed. We'll bring a few of the most telling glimpses into this one, individual kitchen.

Here's one of the recipe cards layered between the pages:

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Baked Corn Casserole
Put stick of butter in bottom of dish.
Can creamed corn + can kernel corn
1/2 Pt. sour cream
box Jiffy corn muff. mix

Put in dish one after the other

Bake 375' 45 Min

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