Cooking Channel: Food Network's Grittier, Hipper Sibling?

Passionate picklers, Hungry Girl, the wacky Food Jammers — these are all (probably) coming to a television near you at the end of May, when Food Network spins off its new, ostensibly more authentic cooking channel called, predictably: the Cooking Channel.

What do you think of this new channel? Many food-lovers got annoyed and bored with Food Network's offerings a long time ago and have drifted to PBS, Bravo, and even ABC for Jamie Oliver's new cooking show. Will this new channel bring them back?

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Will you be watching when this new channel launches? Food Network executives are promising a "grittier, hipper" experience for the new channel, and revived focus on the food itself (as opposed to, say, Sandra Lee's tablescapes). They are promising room for passionate people and real food issues.

We of course are holding our judgment until the new channel debuts on May 31, but we are curious about what you think! For a more complete story on the channel, too, read the New York Times' article from the Dining section this week:

Newcomer to Food Television Tries for a Little Grit at The New York Times

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(Images: Food Network Canada)

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