Cookie Dough-Stuffed Cupcakes & Salted Almond Ice Cream

This Week's Recipes

Looking for a sweet treat for the weekend? Why not one of these? On the crazy side, there's cookie-stuffed cupcakes, and on the sweet-and-salty side there are brownies and a killer almond ice cream. There are lighter treats too, like a rhubarb clafouti (good for breakfast), a tropical fruit salad, and a lemon jelly.

Chocolate Chip Cookie-Stuffed Yellow Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing
Roasted Rhubarb Clafouti
Tropical Fruit Salad With Creamy Lime Sauce
Pistachio and Marmalade Breakfast Cake
Extra-Dark Brownies with Sea Salt and Lime
Duck Egg Sponge Cake with Cream and Strawberries
Elderflower Lemon Cake
Coffee Ice Cream with Hot Fudge Sauce
Salted Almond Ice Cream
Lemon Honeycomb Mould
Double Chocolate Bourbon Egg Cream

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