Cook This! Almond Muffins With Gooey Fig Center

Almonds and gooey figs - those words sort of grabbed us this morning! This recipe also happens to be from SELF Magazine, so the muffins are on the healthier side...

These muffins are made with almond meal and oat flour, two good-for-you grains that also happen to be delicious. We've talked about making your own almond meal; sometimes it's a lot cheaper to buy whole blanched almonds and grind them yourself. But Trader Joe's also has good prices on almond meal and other nut flours.

Then these muffins get a gooey center of figs mashed to a paste and cooked until tender. The muffins are sweetened with honey and moistened with skim milk.

We are suckers for anything with figs and almonds just sweeten the deal.

• See the recipe here: Almond Muffins With Gooey Fig Center

(Image: SELF Magazine)

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