Coming Soon: 90th Anniversary KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Coming Soon: 90th Anniversary KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Faith Durand
Mar 28, 2008

Back in 1994 KitchenAid released a special edition of their iconic mixer to celebrate their 75th anniversary. Well, they're doing it again for their 90th, and here's what it looks like. They're including a new version of the old-fashioned glass bowl.

KitchenAid's 90th anniversary is not until 2009, which is when this mixer will be released. These are just prototypes; in fact, we have photographic evidence that these are not yet in real production! Click through to see...

Look closely at the glass bowl and its ounce markings.

See the "9" in the "96 oz" marking? It's backwards! Oops.

We assume that will be straightened out (flipped over?) when this anniversary edition stand mixer goes into final production. We actually really like the glass bowl for practical and aesthetic reasons. What do you think?

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(Images: Faith Hopler)

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