Cold, Sweet, & Easy Summer Dessert: Sorbet Fizz Float

Two nights ago I had a dish of sorbet to finish off dinner, and while it was very good, it was also a little sweet for my taste. I turned to my husband and said, "You know what would be really good? Champagne poured over this sorbet!" The ultra-simple dessert pictured above is thinking along the same lines, so I am not alone in my cold and fizzy craving!

This sorbet fizz from BBC Good Food is a three-ingredient wonder. It just calls for fresh fruit, raspberry sorbet, and fizzy elderflower drink. Combine all three in a pretty glass, and ta-da! Really lovely and light (fat-free!) summer dessert. Of course, I would like even better with Champagne!

Get the recipe: Sorbet Fizz at BBC Good Food

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(Image: BBC Good Food)

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