Brew Tools: Coffee Scoops

Brew Tools: Coffee Scoops

Faith Durand
Jan 28, 2008

A coffee scoop is hardly an essential tool - we use a measuring tablespoon. But if you're a frequent coffee drinker, a dedicated coffee scoop can be a small daily pleasure.

The one above is a handmade scoop, turned out of black walnut and maple woods. It holds about an eighth of a cup, or two tablespoons. Hand Turned Coffee Scoop, $20 at GVPencheff's shop on Etsy.

This Michael Aram Coffee Scoop is beautiful and weighty. It's $44 at Tabula Tua.

This Coffee Scoop with Bag Clip ($6.99, Fante's) is about 1 1/2 tablespoons and it has a spring clip to also keep your coffee bag closed.

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