Coasters: Do You Use Them?

Coasters: Do You Use Them?

Emma Christensen
Mar 6, 2009

Putting a coaster under every cup, mug, or soda can was the law of the land in our house while we were growing up. While we're not nearly so fanatical now that we're on our own, we do keep coasters on hand. Particularly if they're as cute as these sets from Etsy...

Here are some lovely coasters we've recently come across on Etsy! Don't they make you want to protect your hardwood surfaces from dripping glasses and hot mugs?

• 1 Yellow Canary Coasters from Jayteedoubleyou, $14.00

• 2 Letterpress Coasters from PaperedTogether, $12.00

• 3 Quilted Patchwork Coasters from Junienone, $14.00

• 4 Marble Font Coasters from Carolina Cottage, $16.00

• 5 Polaroid Coasters from RedArrow, $7.00

Do you use coasters in your house?

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