Click-Clack Storage Containers for Flour and Sugar

When I moved into a new kitchen last summer, one of the first things on my priority list was new containers for flour and sugar. I frequently bake in bulk, and I go through a lot of white flour, wheat flour, brown sugar, and white sugar. I have been trying to ditch plastic storage as much as possible, so I was looking for glass containers. But there was one problem.

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When I went on the hunt for containers that would fit in my narrow cupboards, and that would hold enough baking supplies for my needs, I was sure that I wanted big glass jars. No more plastic! Glass all the way!

But then I discovered one major drawback to glass: it's heavy.

I wandered through IKEA, Target, The Container Store, and countless online shops looking for just the right storage containers, and I couldn't avoid the fact that glass was going to be too heavy. See, my cupboards are rather high and narrow, and I'm really short. I didn't think I had the leverage to grab down a big glass jar filled with a five pounds of flour.

So I decided to compromise, and in a rather defeated and skeptical moment, bought four Click-Clack containers from The Container Store. They were tall and narrow, which is what I needed for my narrow cupboard with a built-in lazy Susan.

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And guess what? I love them! After six months of using them day in and day out, they've been very durable and practical. I still would prefer glass, but these canisters aren't ever heated or frozen, so I am not too concerned about any of the more worrisome effects of plastic here.

Their tops stay on securely, with a squeeze mechanism in the lids to release the airtight seal and open them. I like how light they are, and how well their narrow shapes fit my little cupboard.

How do you store flour and sugar? Did you find the perfect solution?

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Click-Clack jars available through The Container Store in six sizes, $6.99 to $11.99 each.

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