Cleaning a Tiny Freezer Really Isn't So Bad

Liveblogging The Kitchn Cure Fall 2014

Day 5 Task: Clean and Organize the Freezer

Today's task was all about cleaning and organizing the freezer. Compared to cleaning the fridge, the freezer was a breeze. You see, there are benefits of having a tiny freezer: I might not be able to keep a lot of stuff in it, but it doesn't take very long to clean!

I followed this handy guide on cleaning out my freezer. My freezer really wasn't dirty so cleaning was rather easy and I didn't need to defrost anything. I took out all the things in the freezer (again), wiped everything down with a wet paper towel, scrubbed at some mysterious thing in the freezer door with a toothbrush, and then dried everything off.

I like having the ice in a the bucket for now, but I might consider moving it to a Ziploc bag if I ever get the motivation to make a whole bunch of chili or frozen burritos.

Here is my clean, organized(ish) freezer.

Here is my cleaned organized(ish) freezer drawer.

While it might not seem like a huge change, it does feel big. This is especially true when you combine it with the fridge cleaning and organization.


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(Image credits: Ariel Knutson; The Kitchn)