The Best Way to Clean Your Blender

Tips from the Kitchn

I diligently wash my blender after every smoothie, juice, and soup, yet recently I noticed it was still looking scummy. I mentioned this to my friend Angela, who recommended a super simple way to get my blender looking clean and clear. (Yes, these are the sorts of riveting conversations that occur between Vitamix cult members. The tip is totally applicable to all blenders, though!)

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Angela pointed out that the stains on my blender container were probably the result of hard water build-up. The solution? A lemon!

I filled the blender halfway with warm water, a drop of dishwashing liquid, and a coarsely chopped lemon and ran the machine for about a minute. Voilà — my blender was sparkling again. One could also use white vinegar to cut through the scum, but I think a lemon smells better.

Do you have any tips for cleaning a Vitamix or other blenders?

(Image credits: Faith Durand)