Clay Casserole by La Chamba

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Clay Casserole by La Chamba

• $64.95 (3.5 quarts)
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After I started making beans in my Chamba pot, I swore I'd never do it any other way. Chamba cookware is handmade in Colombia from mica-rich clay which allows it to withstand heat and lends gorgeous black finish. It also preserves an earthiness in foods like beans and meat that traditional cookware extracts during the cooking process. The clay can go in the oven and on the stovetop and quite literally embodies the notion of stove-to-table. The casseroles work for anything you'd use your dutch oven or soup pot for, though there's something about cooking beans that cannot go without mention. Try it.

La Chamba also makes larger and smaller casseroles, tableware, platters, tagine and roasters.

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