Chocolate Tea: What Do You Think?

Chocolate Tea: What Do You Think?

Emma Christensen
May 6, 2009

We'd always considered chocolate-flavored teas a product of the dieting industry until Alex Whitmore, co-founder of Taza Chocolate, mentioned that chocolate teas were a traditional South American drink. Do you like chocolate tea?

Most chocolate and cocoa teas are made by mixing roasted and winnowed cacao shells with regular black tea. The cacao shells infuse the brewed tea with chocolate-y flavor without the calories of regular cocoa.

Don't drink it expecting cocoa, but chocolate tea makes a decent beverage in its own right. The ones we've tried have been mild, pleasantly sweet, and especially good with a splash of milk. For us, much of the chocolate experience seems to be more in the aroma than the actual flavor.

Many tea companies carry chocolate tea, including Harney & Sons, Mighty Leaf, and Boston-based Tealuxe. Even Trader Joe's carries their own version!

Do you have a favorite kind of chocolate tea?

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(Image: Harney & Sons)

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