Chickpea Soup and Homemade Harissa

Chickpea Soup and Homemade Harissa

Faith Durand
May 13, 2010

Every week we bring you our favorite posts from our friends at Serious Eats. This week: Two delicious favorites — chickpea soup, and spicy tangy harissa paste. Plus the top five iPhone apps for food-lovers, and Deborah Madison's berry tart.

Serious Heat: Homemade Harissa - Serious heat, and seriously tasty.

The Top 5 iPod Apps for Foodies - Mark Bittman, Ratio, and more.

Deborah Madison's Austere Berry Tart - It may be simple, but it sure is beautiful (and tasty!).

Taste Test: Store-Bought Hummus - The very best "smooshed chickpea puree in a tub."

Eat for Eight Bucks: Chickpea Soup with Toasted Breadcrumbs - So satisfying!

Previous Good Eats: Satisfying Sopa de Ajo (Garlic Soup)

(Image: Andrea Lynn/Serious Eats)

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