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We started out by calling this a lighter version of classic lasagna. But let's be honest: Despite the fact that you're switching out ground beef for lean chicken, this recipe still has heavy cream, butter, and plenty of cheese. And yet it's nice to have an alternative lasagna up your sleeve that isn't spinach or veggie.

This recipe comes from Daniel Boulud's column in Elle Decor, and it has a certain elegance to it—wild mushrooms, delicate spinach, a splash of white wine. It's not your hearty red sauce lasagna, but it's also a little more impressive than a typical chicken casserole.

It's appropriately gooey and rich, too—everything you want in a cold weather comfort dish.

Daniel Boulud's Chicken Lasagna, at Elle Decor.

Chicken lasagna recipes abound on the Internet. Does anyone have a favorite?

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