Chicken & Dumplings, Dutch Ovens, and Campfire Cake

Most popular posts published October 22-28, 2010

Popular posts from this past week included a recipe for old-fashioned chicken and dumplings, and another for easy chickpea curry. There was a fun campfire cake, and ideas for Brussels sprouts. Read on for these posts and the top ten!

15. Kitchen Tour: Jeremy Cooks his First Post-Collegiate Meals
14. Recipe: Easy, Tasty Chickpea Curry
13. Beloved Turkish Breakfast: The Secret's in the Swirl
12. Good Product: Martha Stewart Dutch Oven
11. How Can I Make My Breakfast Smoothie More Filling?

10. Weekend Meditation: From My Childhood

9. Recipe: Chicken and Dumplings

8. It's True! Yuengling Beer Is Coming To A State Near You

7. New Site for Foodies: The Daily Meal

6. Homemade Mac n' Cheese: What's Your Favorite Method?

5. Creative Ways to Use Up Powdered Hot Chocolate Mix?

4. 5 Good Uses For Your Apple Peels

3. Campfire Dessert! A Cake Baked In an Orange Peel

2. Great Green Globes: 12 Recipes for Brussels Sprouts Lovers

1. How To Save $3000 on Food Without Even Noticing - Food News for Tuesday, October 26

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