Chicago's Maxwell Street Market: Kitchen Bargains

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Last week, AT: Chicago visited the Maxwell Street Market and found produce, garden tools, Andy Warhol prints and some interesting bobble heads. This week, we checked it out for ourselves and found even more good stuff – when we weren't snacking on authentic tacos, gorditas and crispy desserts, that is.

Read on to find out what we brought home with us ...

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We were thrilled to find a used copy of Deborah Madison's The Savory Way ($4), a small-but-heavy mortar and pestle ($8), and two varieties of Mexican spice mixtures – one chile lemon and one "specialty mix" ($7 a pound).

It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. When we got home, we had a lot of fun trying out our spices on some grilled pita bread. Our favorite was a combination of the chile lemon, the specialty mix (think sweet paprika, salt and garlic), Mexican oregano and toasted sesame seeds. Yum.

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(Images: Joanna Miller)

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