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Fruit has returned to the Midwest, along with one of our favorite local blogs: Fruit Slinger.

If you like your strawberries served up with some wry witticisms, and want to find out how not to be "that customer," it's a must read.

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The Fruit Slinger gives us a glimpse of life at the orchard (in Southwest Michigan) and on the other side of the market tables, and makes us giggle at the silly questions he regularly fields.

How many calories are in these strawberries? What's this brown stuff on the fruit? (Answer: "Dirt. They were grown in the ground.") Which melon tastes the most melony?

He's heard them all, and he's not afraid to dish. But it's certainly not all snark. The Slinger's passion for the fruit business is abundantly clear, and his accounts of days at the orchard are often poetic, even. Last week he wrote:

There's an aisle between the cherry trees and the apple trees. You can stand there with summer on your right and autumn on your left. Now the apples are only the size of golf balls and the cherries are starting to take on color. In September, the boughs of the apple trees will be heavy with fruit and the cherry trees will have long ago been picked clean.

The first cherries should be ready for picking in two weeks or so.

We can hardly wait.

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