Cherry on Top: Reusable Cupcake Toppers

Take a look at this sweet cupcake with a cherry on top. Well, it's not actually a cherry; it's just as cute but more practical.

These little ball-topped picks are from Goose Grease. They're handpainted and sealed with non-toxic materials. We love the simplicity of these; how easy would it be to bake and frost a sweet cake and then quickly pop these on. No decorating bag, no mess!

Here are the toppers showcased above:

Round red topper, $1 for 1
Birthday cupcake toppers, $10 for 12. Choose your own colors.
Cupcake half toppers, $10 for 12. Choose your own colors.
Mushroom cupcake toppers, $15 for 12

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(Images: Goose Grease)

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