Our love of meals in jars is no secret, but with their versatility and good looks, jars are useful for holding more than just food on the table. And if a plain glass isn't your thing, we have a few ways to dress up even humble old spaghetti sauce jars.

Jars on the Tabletop

For drinks: While they may not always be the best choice for every occasion, jars are a fun, casual way to serve drinks. They're an especially good fit for summer parties or drinks featuring fresh fruits and vegetables, like the blueberry rum smash above.
For candles: Why pay for a votive candle holder when you can use a repurposed jam jar? Clustering together a large number of different-sized jars creates an especially pretty effect.
For flatware: At a buffet or picnic, put out flatware in big mason jars, or for a smaller party, make flatware kits for guests by putting the silverware and napkin in a jar for each guest. (The jar doubles as each guest's glass.)
For flowers: Jars add a bit of rustic charm to any type of bouquet.
For moss or other small plants: A small terrarium makes an unexpected centerpiece for the table.
As placecards: Stick chalkboard labels onto jars and write guests' names with a chalk pen.

Decorating With Jars

Paint (and wrap with yarn): Spray paint plus a contrasting color of yarn adds a pop of color to the table.
Wrap with burlap or ribbon: Easy, with even more rustic charm.
Dip in glitter: Add a little sparkle to the party.

Do you have any other ideas for using jars on the tabletop?

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(Images: Chelle Paperie; Nancy Mitchell; A Soft Place to Land; Ruffled Blog; Etsy seller DoodleBirdie; Style Me Pretty; Making It Lovely; 100 Layer Cake; The Sweetest Occasion)