Rust-Oleum $400 Kitchen Makeover in the Test Lab

Many of us were blessed with homes and apartments that boast less than stellar countertops. Maybe replacing them just isn't in the budget or you're not looking to invest a great deal in a rental you won't be staying in for long. Either way, Rust-Oleum has a new product on the market that may give pretty great results for very little money! Last week, Janel from Apartment Therapy was in New Orleans and got a chance to try out this inexpensive kitchen transformation product. Is it too good to be true?

This product is similar to other brands of countertop refinishers on the market. The process is rather elaborate: first your countertops are cleaned and then an adhesive is applied. Flecks of new color go down and are then sealed.

Is it worth it? Does it work well? Janel gives the countertop kit a cautious thumbs-up; it is foolproof, she says, but it's messy, and definitely a commitment of time and energy. Read on to get the full scoop on the countertop kit, see photos of it in process, and also read more about the accompanying cabinet transformation kit.

Read more: The Under $400 Kitchen Makeover…In a Box - Apartment Therapy

Have you ever tried a countertop coating product like this one?

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(Image: Janel Laban)

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