Champion Chili: 3 Expert Tips for a Winning Bowl

Champion Chili: 3 Expert Tips for a Winning Bowl

Stephanie Barlow
Feb 1, 2012

Come Super Bowl season, it's hard not to encounter chili. Ever feel like it's a little drab? Always one to rescue would-be boring food, Ruth Reichl has three smart tips to kick your chili into a bright, fun game changer.

So what makes a pot of chili different from another kind of soup or stew? Chili powder! And Ruth's first tip attacks just that. Chili powder can be old, stale stuff, so she suggests making your own with dried chiles. And, if you're still striving for chili perfection, try switching meat (Ruth likes bison) and replacing water with stock, beer or other flavorful liquids.

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What's your favorite tip for stellar chili?

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(Images: Rebekah Peppler)

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