Ceramic & Gold Tea Bowls from Danghrya

Faith’s Daily Find 09.24.12

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Ceramic & Gold Bowls from Danghrya

• 8€ to 15€

I'm in Venice, Italy this week, and while wandering the famously crooked streets of this old town, I stumbled across this shop. The modern ceramics here are all designed and made personally by the owner, and she finishes some of them with metals like gold, platinum, or copper. The effect is beautiful and modern yet warm, and her wares are both reasonably priced and a welcome alternative to the kilometers of kitschy masks and overpriced jewelry found in the tourist shops. I plan on going back tomorrow and picking up a few small, delicate bowls to take home with me (very carefully, of course!).

At the moment her ceramics are only available in person at her shop, but she says an online shop is coming soon, and I can only hope that a smart boutique in the States picks up a few of her pieces as well.

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